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Discount for NLconnect annual congress

SCTE Benelux Network is increasingly collaborating with its sister organization, NLconnect. This spring, we jointly organized a TechSummit, and there will be a joint event in the autumn as well.


In addition, SCTE members receive a €100 discount when participating in the NLconnect annual congress on September 14, 2023. They will pay €195 instead of €295 (excluding VAT). If the employer of an SCTE member is affiliated with NLconnect, participation is free.

The NLconnect Broadly Annual Congress has the theme: the fiber optic market in 2030. The deployment of fiber optics is happening rapidly. In 2022, over a million new FttH connections were added, and at the current pace, the Netherlands will be almost entirely fiberized within a few years. This raises the question: what will our market look like in 2030?

The theme will be approached from various angles. Will the provider landscape diminish due to consolidation and competition? Is there still room for smaller networks? What innovations are happening in management? What is happening in the cable and business markets? And how long will the existing fiber optic network actually last?

The congress consists of a plenary afternoon program and concludes with a drinks and buffet. In 2022, the more than 100 participants from the broadband industry gave the annual congress a rating of 8.5.