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New book about 20 years of Fiber to the Home in the Netherlands

Discount for SCTE members. 

NLconnect, the Dutch trade association of the fiber optic and broadband industry, has published a book about 20 years of Fiber to the Home in the Netherlands. This anniversary book entitled 'From pioneering to mass rollout' is available at a discount for members of SCTE Benelux Group. They do not pay € 29.95 but only € 25.00 if they use this link:

The 300-page book takes readers through the rise of fiber optic internet in the Netherlands. A variety of topics are discussed in sixteen illustrated chapters and eight interviews with fiber optic pioneers and professionals. Writer Mathieu Andriessen, director of NLconnect, begins his story in 2001. In that year, pioneering entrepreneurs in Eindhoven and Amsterdam connected the first Dutch homes to fiber optic. The start of a new, highly competitive market.


Twenty years later, more than half of the Netherlands is vitrified and the market is investing heavily in new fiber optic networks. ‘The Netherlands can no longer do without this high-quality, fast digital infrastructure. The fiber optic industry has allowed many to work from home and the economy has been spinning during the recent lockdowns. Fiber optic is the network of the future.'