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NLconnect’s "Breeduit Annual Congress"

NLconnect will hold its Breeduit Annual Congress on 10 September 2019. An interesting programme has been put together around the theme '5G: Beyond the Hype'. Speakers from Huawei, T-Mobile and Eurofiber have been confirmed, to be followed by various introductions from key players from the FttH world. Members of SCTE Benelux can participate in this annual congress at a special rate: they pay €295, instead of €395.

You can register via the conference page at https://www.nlconnect.org/jaarcongres/

Date: 10 September 2019
Location: A'DAM Tower Amsterdam
Lunch and Plenary Programme: The Loft, 16th Floor
Network Barbecue: Forbidden Garden, 1st Floor
Theme '5G: Beyond the Hype' | The Actual Impact of 5G
Time: 1:00pm to 9:00pm

The latest 5G mobile technology has been presented as a revolutionary and futuristic panacea for the smart society, complete with real-time virtual and augmented reality, self-driving cars, drones over agricultural fields and self-thinking IoT devices. Great promises…. but  how far along is the technology? Have the preconditions been met? And who will pay for it? During the Breeduit Annual Congress you will gain insight into the consequences of the 5G introduction for consumers, society and the broadband industry, as well as  the subsequent steps.
Speakers (confirmed)
Jurjen Veldhuizen,Solution Director, Huawei Technologies
What are the success factors for 5G internationally?

Richard Marijs, Technology Strategy and Architecture, T-Mobile Netherlands
What are the 5G plans in The Netherlands and upon what do they depend?

Bart Oskam,COO, Eurofiber
Is 5G a threat or an opportunity for fibre optic rollout?

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